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Native American Mission

At Scottsdale Behavioral Health, we are proud to accept and embrace the culture of our Native American clients. Our Native-American specific program is led and organized by our team of highly qualified Native American authoritative figures and staff. 


Our Vision for our Native American Clients

Our Team of Native American staff is committed to positively influencing the lives of every Native client that comes through our doors. 

We serve 18+ Native American male clients with history of mental illness, substance abuse, or difficulty with life skills.

Our program emphasizes and instills the importance of positive male gender roles, hygiene, health, family, community, proper financial habits, and wealth-building techniques.

Our goal is to support our Native American clients by giving them the physical and mental tools needed to thrive, not just survive.

The last step of our program involves working with our clients on vocational and residence planning, to ensure that they are fully equipped with the practical guidance and resources to start their life outside of the program on the right foot.


Native American Program Focus

  • Finding deeper purpose in life as a Native American male 

  • Proper work/life balance

  • Parting ways with the victim mentality

  • How to build a resilient life mindset

  • Finance habits and positive wealth building techniques

  • Credit education and credit building strategies

  • How to THRIVE not SURVIVE

  • Volunteering and giving back to the community

  • Positive friendship and personal relational skills

  • Multi-faceted personality test

  • Physical activity and wellness


Activities to Facilitate Native Healing

  • Courses on Native American history

  • Native-led hiking excursions

  • Native American Museum visits

  • Native-run Sweat Lodge

  • Native cooking skills and cuisine classes

  • Native Art Therapy

  • Native basket-weaving and jewelry creation 

  • Visits by Native American thought leaders and cultural educators

  • On-site saging

  • Complimentary Mountainside Fitness gym membership



Need Help? Reach out to our team of Native American staff today for more information. We accept all Native American Insurance:

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